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What a friend we have in cheeses

CheesesCome on, now, fess up. Surely, I’m not the only hardshell Baptist child to ever hear “What a friend we have in cheeses” in that venerable Sacred Harp hymn.

Cheese is older than recorded history, probably originating as if by magic back when Middle Eastern nomads began toting milk in goatskin bags. And what fare is more basic, more down to Earth for road trip picnicking than a loaf of bread, a hunk of cheese and a bottle of good wine?

So here’s to cheese in all its marvelous forms and flavors! Our salute from The Elderly American Songbook.

What A Friend We Have In Cheeses

What a friend we have in cheeses; cheddar, brie and Camembert.
What a privilege to marry country ham with smoked Gruyere.
Oh, what peas so often forfeit, Oh, what tasteless dishes bear
All because we do not marry yummy cheese with all our fare!

Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged, so long as we have cheese to share.
Can we find a friend so faithful to grace our table oh so fair?
Cheeses fit for every palette, to every meal a special flare.

Such a friend to macaroni! Comfort food beyond compare!
And who can imagine poor bologna, without an American slice to share?
But be it wedge or slice or circle, be it spread or in a can,
There’s no food you may mention that’s been a better friend to man!


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A Bathroom On the Right

This selection for The Elderly American Songbook was inspired by a recent, 48-hour road trip with Allen Dean Porter, the Attention Deficit Posterboy. If that sounds harsh, get over it! Dean and I have been running with and ragging on one another since our sophomore year of high school, going on 50 years. I fail to see a good reason to clean up our act now.

ADP (hiding behind car) and myself about to depart on a 48-hour whirlwind road trip to central Missouri.

ADP (hiding behind car) and myself about to depart on a 48-hour whirlwind road trip to central Missouri.

I feel a bad urge a-risin’.
I feel the pressure build below.
Traffic streaming, they’re not compromisin’,
I’m hopin’ the sphincter valve don’t blow.
Cruisin’ through the night,
Drivin’ since daylight,
Need a bathroom on the right!

Turnpike ain’t no good way to travel.
Access control is too damned tight.
Back teeth floatin’, nerves are all a frazzle.
Need a bathroom on the right!!
If I can’t get off this road,
Somethin’s gonna explode!
Need a bathroom on the right!

Up ahead, there, what’s that sign?
I pray there ain’t no line!
There’s a bathroom on the right!!

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