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Writer Jim Miller with Dad, “Shorty” Miller, on the original Homestead, Elm Street, Wichita Falls, Texas, circa 1952.


This site is a work-in-progress, a learning experience, journal and field notebook. It is yet another path on a life-long pursuit of words well crafted.

My Mother, Gracie Ellen Saunders, bought for me nearly every Little Golden Book  in print by my third birthday. I had rewritten–in my head, anyway–every volume at least once by my fourth birthday. Of all the gifts Mom gave to me over the years, none was greater than an abiding appreciation for words and ideas.

I launched my first novel while an eight-grade student at Barwise Junior High School. That would have been about 1961-62, and I wrote it–over 100 pages, front and back, on college ruled notebook paper–to impress Karen Kersey. Having impressed her with that first rough draft, the book remains unfinished by me. Interestingly,  John Milius and Kevin Reynolds co-wrote my story into a screenplay, Red Dawn, released in 1984 starring  Patrick Swayze.

Graduated from S.H. Rider High School (1967), I married my high school sweetheart and future first ex-wife (1969), dodged Mr. Nixon’s draft by enlisting in the U.S. Navy (1969-73) and attended Midwestern State University (1974-78) on the Old G.I. Bill, majoring in journalism, English and sowing discontent. Now a former old-school print journalist and still a left-leaning liberal, AnniePie (San Francisco flower child) and I have been together nigh on 20 years. Our current base camp as of this writing (Dec. 2012) is the Rolling Plains of Texas & Oklahoma, however, we are actively plotting a relocation to the Pacific Northwest.



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